The hope we have in Christ

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The hope we have in Christ

Post by Godsmopol » Fri Jul 28, 2017 11:42 pm

Despite all the persecution we face as Christians today, many begin to ask questions such as, does Christianity really need the attention its getting. On weekly promptings, somewhere in the World is a controversial blow been thrown on Christians as to soiling the image of this belief. I have never been moved by any of them, knowing fully well that we have a more glorious and enduring substance in Christ in this age and in the one to come.

But I believe many are still ignoramus not knowing what it is that they are in Christ. First of all, we need to come to this understand of who we are in Christ. I believe this should be a series I would urge you to spend time with. I don't care how many verses of the Bible you know or how many decade you have been in Christianity. The devil would always take an advantage of you when you don't know who you are in Christ.

2 Corinth 5:17 says, if any man be in Christ, he's a new creature. Lemme chip this in. We always have to use Jesus to explain Paul. Where did Paul get this from, evidently from Jesus' teaching. Jesus said to Nicodemus, you need to the born again. Mister man, you are old, put off the old man and be a new lump. Nicodemus replied, shall I enter into my mothers womb and be birth again. Jesus said, you shall be baptised(putting off the old man). And having done that, you would a man born of the Spirit, as a new spirit(engine) (new man). You seek God and His righteousness.

Okay sir, I want to to enjoy this new birth experience, how do I go about it. You must be born again.

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