Bishop Oyedepo asks Salient Questions

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Bishop Oyedepo asks Salient Questions

Post by MAGNIFICENT » Wed Jan 17, 2018 7:31 am

Bishop David Oyedepo has asked the following questions…please share widely. This post must get to the officials of the Nigerian government before nightfall today. Perhaps they have answers to these heart aching questions from the prophet……..

1. Is cattle business government’s business?

2. How much is cattle business contributing to the nation’s GDP?

3. Should men, women and children continue to lay down their lives for cattles?

4. How many cattles does a fulani cattle rearer need to sell to purchase an AK47 rifle?

5. Does one need a 3 million naira equipment to protect a 100 thousand naira investment?

6. In a country where there are no natural disasters, should there be mass burials happening all the time?

7. Judging by the technicalities of these killings, can we not see that this is beyond fulani cattle rearer initiative?

We must rise up and defend the destiny of this country. Nigeria is our country and we must not allow God’s plan for this nation to be aborted by selfish, foolish and wicked politicians who have sold their soul to the devil.
Enough!! Enough!!
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